Adrenalin - Best script bot for Lineage II


  • Flexible configuration of behavior in any situation

  • Visual settings of combat zone

  • Powerful Delphi scripting engine allows you to automate farm 24\7

  • Supports all chronicles from Interlude, including Classic
  • Friendly and intuitive interface
  • Maximum protection from detect
  • Bot doesn't use packets or change game data
  • Bypasses GameGuard, Frost, hGuard, GameGuard
  • Visual lists of players \ drop \ NPC etc
  • Information about char status (CP \ HP \ MP)
  • Built-in compiler with syntax highlighting
  • Encryption (protection) of scripts, binding to PC

1 session
10 per month

  • Key for 1 month
  • Supports ENG interface
  • Working on L2Classic EURO
  • 1 key = 1 game client
  • Free rebind to new PC

Unlim sessions
20 per month

  • Key for 1 month
  • Supports ENG interface
  • Working on all EU\NA servers except L2Classic
  • Bypass SmartGuard
  • Unlimeted game clients
  • Rebind to new PC deducts 1 day of key


Newest and best radar for Lineage 2 with lots of PvP features! You can make your own widgets with extra functions.

Play comfortable, win more!

Price: 5 per month or 35 per year


Plug-in for automatically enchanting weapon \ armour \ jewlery
Work in minimized window
Forget about hour of mouse clicks!

Price: 3 / month


Plug-in for automatically augmentation and finding needed effects.
Work in minimized window
Catch skill now is really easy!

Price: 4 / month

Tateossian Recipes

Universal plug-in which automatically makes TT Recipes quests.
Flexible Settings!

Price: 3 per month

Auto Backstab

Script helps move and to use "Backstab" when you behind your target
You still not a hero? Kill them all!

Price: 30 lifetime

Script Recorder


Simple plug-in which helps you to make your own scripts.
Records movements \ target changes \ open and choose dialogs \ scans and records sended bypasses.
Start to code by yourself right now!

Auto Exp (OFF)

Script for exping any char up to 95 level for OFF RU/EU/NA servers

Price: 1000 / mouth

Exping (FREE)


Script for exping any char up to 1-20 for Gracia - HF chronicles (work on most freeshards)

Bard's Mandolin

Script for making Bard's Mandolin quest.
Really good for RMT.
Easy way to farm on server openings!

Price: 5 per month


Easy plig-in for buying items from AH.
Make you own in game buisiness!

Price: 5 per month



Universal grind plug-in: auto return to spot, buy expendables, pass quests etc.


Cooming soon