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  1. awxid добавил отзыв на файл [AA] Auction   

    So far plugin work really well!
    Can buy, sell, put fake items to lower price, ...
    +1 recommended!
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  2. SCtYL добавил тему в L2Adrenalin   

    Клиент с ботом не запускается на http://ketrawars.net/ ((
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  3. xfilesbdo@gmail.com добавил сообщение в теме Error: Update needed   

    Update is needed [game version: 0x425E89ED] ?? any Fix
  4. farmwl добавил сообщение в теме Incubator wont attack   

    all questions related to incubator - to Alice skype, she will help
  5. noddykins добавил сообщение в теме Incubator wont attack   

    hey I'm having the same issue. i've even deleted the whole thing and started over following each step exactly. it just follows the mobs until it decides to move to the next one
  6. Zorno добавил комментарий на файл [AA] Grind   

    Totally not working. It spawns mah cat, runs to a mob and attacks, then runs away from hin into the next mobs and dies. Also it just uses autoattack and normal arrow on the first one.
  7. djpliku92 добавил сообщение в теме Landlord planting diagonally   

    Got alot of bans using this script, just be carefull, I think since yesterday they added some filters ingame.
    Or maybe the behaivor of packets - server need re-implemente.. Something is really wrong with the landlord.
    Please check this farmwl.
  8. NewAge_Alex добавил сообщение в теме Doesnt work anymore   

    May be Security problems vwith game version. Wait some days, i think it will be fixed and u get new version.
  9. Zorno добавил тему в ArcheBox   

    Doesnt work anymore
    after sucessfully using the bot yesterday, it now does some weird shit only. It starts the client over and over and over but shows only "client closed" in history. If i start the first of the popups, it cant find it. It just opens more and more clients. After a while it shows "Auth timeout".
    Whats up with the bot ? Version problems or what ?
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  10. djpliku92 добавил тему в ArcheBox   

    Error: Update needed
    Today was a patch witch updated the game for a new version (EU - NA). Could You please check it out ?
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  11. teletubby добавил тему в ArcheBox   

    cant buy archebox keys
    for both 5 windows and  unlim versions,  how to buy?
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  12. xfilesbdo@gmail.com добавил сообщение в теме Problem w\ Archeage   

    all done and is sort out dont know why but when prest to update Archebox app dont work if you prest cancel is working ok.
  13. farmwl добавил сообщение в теме Problem w\ Archeage   

    write me in skype, and try to start AB as admin, add AB folder into exception of antiviruses \ firewalls
  14. annyeon добавил сообщение в теме Help with working mistsong summit jar farming script   

    Try posting it here. I am sure someone will help you!
  15. xfilesbdo@gmail.com добавил сообщение в теме Problem w\ Archeage   

    No is not
  16. Antihero добавил тему в ArcheBox   

    Help with working mistsong summit jar farming script
    First off, sorry if I am breaking and rules, I tried reading through the translated Russian articles (I only speak English) and I didn't see anything where this isn't allowed.
    I don't have much time in my life to learn a new API then get a reliable working script so I'm hoping I can pay someone to make what I need with ASI WIN. It just needs to run routes through the Mistsong Summit instance and loot jars. There's no combat needed. If you're unfamiliar with this run, it's just a matter of instancing in and hitting + looting as many jars as possible while avoiding combat with the mobs. 

    Here's a link:

    I can do this routine manually with stealth and play dead, very simple non advanced mechanics. I'm just hoping to get a reliable routine that loots at least 3 jars(preferably more), logs to character select screen, logs back in, goes into the instance and starts the run again on a loop. That's it. Please either message me or post here with how much you expect to be paid and we'll go from there. Thank you.
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  17. farmwl добавил сообщение в теме Problem w\ Archeage   

    hi, archebox start glyph?
  18. xfilesbdo@gmail.com добавил тему в ArcheBox   

    Problem w\ Archeage
    So like in title program is working ok. when i start to login to game get dc. no infor in program just start conecting again. 
    Access is allowed
    Start account
    Процесс игры завершен, в очередь на запуск..
    Autorun will start in 10 sec
    any one have any idea why?
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  19. farmwl добавил сообщение в теме Incubator wont attack   

    did u set "Use Russian names of objects for EU\NA" in Archebox settings?
  20. kopka добавил сообщение в теме Проблемы \ решения   

    Помогла переустановка линейки и обновление драйвера на видюху
  21. teletubby добавил сообщение в теме Incubator wont attack   

    gl with that
  22. Nixter243 добавил тему в ArcheBox   

    Incubator wont attack
    Hey guys, I bought the Lving program that takes you from 1-50. When I start it, it will go through all the quests until it needs to kill something. It gets next to the mob but refuses to do anything after that
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  23. dritaty добавил сообщение в теме Проблемы \ решения   

    такая же фигня, с последней a.dll зависает через минуту, с предыдущей не виснет
  24. BEKTOP911 добавил сообщение в теме Проблемы \ решения   

    Как отключить автоматически включающий звук, когда наводят таргет на чара? В папке File/Snd этот звук под названием Good, при попытке его удалить, скачивается снова при обновлении. 
  25. kopka добавил сообщение в теме Проблемы \ решения   

    При запуске 1 окна л2 классика руоффа, с адриком и асей окно работает 5 мин, после чего зависает и идет автологин. В чем может быть проблема?